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This is a brain dump of ideas which more likely than not contain flaws. Nothing has been proven correct or rigorously reviewed.

Table of contents

  1. Grin timestamping
  2. Data commitments (flawed!)
  3. Grin BLS Research
  4. Noninteractive transaction proposal
  5. Coinbase outputs as Transaction outputs
  6. (Re)play attacks
  7. Output injection - Forum thread
  8. 2-step donations without payment proofs
  9. Constant size full node
  10. Bidirectional payment proofs

Graph obfuscation

  1. Obscuro Family
  2. Mimblewimble CoinSwap proposal
  3. Fan-out Graph Obfuscation

Possible paths

  1. Nimble stack
  2. Default daily aggregator for privacy and payjoins for scaling


  1. What is Grin
  2. Why Grin
  3. Transaction interactivity levels
  4. Chain reorgs and graph merging
  5. Schnorr signatures
  6. Satoshi’s response to a Commitment-based construction